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The importance of hand sanitisation

At a time of year when germs abound, it’s a good idea to get your staff into the habit of cleaning their hands.

According to the Health Protection Agency hand cleansing is the single most important factor in the prevention of infection.

Provision of soap and water is important but not always convenient. Hand sanitising gels, on the other hand, can be placed around the workplace to remind staff to regularly clean their hands.

 Hand sanitiser

  • Alcohol hand sanitising gel
  • Adheres to EN1500 antimicrobial standard
  • Fragrance-free

Dispenser – We offer two options:

  • Pump action manual dispenser
  • Hands-free dispenser. This dispenser can be fixed to the wall of your premises or sink unit and can hold a variety of hand cleansers as well as sanitising gel.

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