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Adapt and adjust

These past few months has seen many changes both in our personal and professional lives as we adjust to the new ‘normal’. Now it’s more important than ever for your employees to feel safe whilst at work.

Adapt and adjust

We have been contacting all our customers to ascertain if they are operational or not, of those organisations which have skeleton staff and access times are limited, we arrange a mutually convenient date and time with a designated staff member, to call and carry out our essential hygiene services. Even those organisations who have not been able to re-open, we arrange a suitable time to visit to conduct our services thereby ensuring our customers washrooms remain fresh, clean and pristine.

We have also been delivering PPE and hygiene products to our customers home address as this arrangement is more convenient to them when working from home.

We have maintained social distancing, we wear full PPE, which includes face masks, disposable gloves and face shields. Some of our customers insist upon additional measures of infection control with the use of temperature thermometers, which we comply and adhere to. We no longer require signatures as proof of service, we instead take a photo of the customers premises.

Wherever applicable, we have recommended certain PPE products to our customers depending upon their activity. We advocate sense and sensibility and project stability and steadfastness throughout the inevitable changes we are all having to make. Flexibility is de rigueur, it has to be, both from us as the service provider and our customers. Adapt and adjust is our new motto.

We have a wide range of solutions that will equip you to resist the transmission of infections. Get in touch today to find out how we can help keep your staff and visitors as safe as possible.