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Tips To Creating A Zero Waste Office

One of the latest, and quite possibly the most popular, trends in eco-friendly living is called Zero Waste. A zero waste lifestyle means that you are creating as little waste as possible, with no waste being the ultimate goal. Many people are adopting this type of lifestyle at home and it is possible to create a zero waste environment in your office. From the washroom and kitchen, to the warehouse, even your very own desk, adopting a zero waste lifestyle at work is easier than you think.

Let’s take a look at some useful tips that will help you create a zero waste office today:

Tips To Creating A Zero Waste Office

Gain Support From Coworkers- proposing a zero waste office environment to your employer can seem a bit challenging. Finding like-minded coworkers can make it easier. To find others who share your interest in a zero waste lifestyle, look for those using reusable cups and lunch boxes as they have already adopted zero waste living, they might not know it yet!

Gain The Support Of Your Employer- this can be the most difficult part of creating a zero waste office environment. Everyone wants to go green, even your employer, but if it is going to cost them money, they usually tend to say no to new ideas. Show them that there are ways to adopt a zero waste lifestyle that won’t cost any money, and some that could save the company money. From composting, which will save on trash removal costs, to zero waste office supplies and zero waste hygiene products for the employee and customer washrooms, there are many ways to create a zero waste office environment.

Implement Zero Waste Office Changes- once you have approval from your employer, it is time to start implementing your zero waste office changes. If your company has an employee cafeteria, consider donating any leftover or unused food to local food banks. What you cannot donate, compost. This will save on waste removal costs and create free mulch for landscaping.

Another area where zero waste methods can have the biggest impact is paper waste. The average office worker uses 5,000 sheets of copy paper or more each year. Instead, use electronic methods of saving and sharing documents including Google Docs, DropBox and others. There are even ways to reduce the amount of junk mail your business receives which will help increase your zero waste efforts.

You can even adopt zero waste methods on your energy usage. Using LED lighting instead of incandescent reduces the amount of energy each bulb wastes and switching from bulky, energy draining desktop computers to energy efficient laptops can save even more on your energy costs.

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